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What is Psychological Assessment?
If you feel that something may be wrong, but aren't too sure what it is, you have the option of requesting a psychological assessment.

Psychological assessments are tests that help us figure out if any difficulties exist, and the extent to which someone is experiencing the difficulties. They can help to guide people towards the place in life they wish to be.

Psychological assessments generally fall into the following categories:

  • Personality Assessments, investigating people's strengths, weaknesses, beliefs, patterns of behaviour, coping skills and interpersonal relationships.
  • Emotional/Behavioural Assessments, exploring areas of emotional difficulty, attention or challenging behaviour.
  • Cognitive Assessments, involving intellectual (IQ) testing, assessing for levels of ability or difficulty with development, language, comprehension or problem-solving skills, or investigating the possibility of learning disability.
  • Occupational Guidance Assessments, which help identify careers or occupations that best match an individual's strengths and assets.
Psychological assessment usually involves finding out where an individual's scores lie in comparison to the general population, in order to assess the level of strength or of difficulty.

When a client is attending for regular therapy sessions, psychological assessment can help to inform the style and duration of treatment, measure progress or source additional supports. Rewind Counselling is located in Dublin 6, and is easily accessible to anyone living in the Dublin area.

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Dr. Joanne Cooper
Ph.D., PGradDip(CBT), Reg.Psychol.Ps.S.I.

Joanne is a Registered Psychologist specialising in Counselling and CBT in the Dublin area.  She has worked extensively with both adults and teens in healthcare, community and educational settings. 
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