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Counselling is a warm, supportive relationship where people bring troubles or questions knowing they will be treated with support and respect.

Some people seek out counselling because they have identified area(s) in their lives they are not happy with, and wish to make some changes. Others just feel unhappy, and want to talk things through.

Sometimes counselling involves sharing with a client what we know from research and psychological science, in order to help them move forward. More often, it involves helping people to work out their own solutions to problems, or to figure out their own views on events or experiences.

Mostly, counselling involves listening, sharing and support.

Although some people might feel daunted initially about sharing problems, counselling is not scary. In fact most people find it a relief to share a problem, to realise they are not alone and to find a real solution to something that may have been bothering them for some time. Counselling is easily available to anyone in Dublin with Rewind Counselling.
What is Counselling?
Benefits of Counselling
Counselling can help you to find real solutions to problems. It can help you figure out where you want to be in life.

Counselling can help you work through distressing emotions such as grief, guilt or anger, and help you put an end to repetitive cycles of worry, depression, anxiety, or panic.

Counselling gives you the space and the opportunity to reflect on your past life experiences with a view to making a richer, more fulfilling present and future.

The benefits of counselling are numerous and many people find it to be a life-changing experience.

Types of Counselling
There are several methods of counselling and therapy, such as psychodynamic therapy, existential therapy, Gestalt therapy, solution-focused therapy, and cognitive behavioural therapy.

CBT has emerged as the therapy of choice among medical and psychological practitioners due to its strong evidence base.  It has a high level of effectiveness, it is fairly short term, it is problem focused, practical and it is cost effective.  This is why Rewind Counselling in Dublin specialises in the CBT approach.
Dr. Joanne Cooper
Ph.D., PGradDip(CBT), Reg.Psychol.Ps.S.I.

Joanne is a Registered Psychologist specialising in Counselling and CBT in the Dublin area.  She has worked extensively with both adults and teens in healthcare, community and educational settings. 
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