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Information for Employers
Why Counselling?
Counselling offers employees a warm, supportive space to answer questions, explore difficulties or work on personal growth.

Why CBT?
Cognitive Behavioural Therapy (CBT) is a therapy based on the important relationship between thoughts, feelings and behaviour.How we think and how we behave affects how we feel. When we feel low, we tend to think negatively. When we feel worried or stressed, we are prone to thinking anxiously. With or without realising it, we may also be engaging in unhelpful behaviours that intensify how we feel.CBT is a short-term, goal-focused and evidence-based form of therapy that helps clients identify and change unproductive patterns, and replace these with more constructive ones.

Who Can Benefit?
Just about anybody!  Some people may have identified areas of their life they are unhappy with and would like to change.  Others may be looking more for personal development work, where they can explore their goals or relationships.  CBT offers an opportunity for people to learn more about themselves, their beliefs and their interaction patterns with the world around them.
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How Does The Employer Benefit?
Benefits of counselling involve:
  • Increased life and workplace satisfaction for employees
  • Help with personal difficulties that may be leading to absenteeism or decreased productivity at work
  • Assistance with workplace difficulties or stress
  • Attractive opportunity to existing and prospective employees
Dr. Joanne Cooper
Ph.D., PGradDip(CBT), Reg.Psychol.Ps.S.I.

Joanne is a Registered Psychologist specialising in Counselling and CBT in the Dublin area.  She has worked extensively with both adults and teens in healthcare, community and educational settings. 
Dublin Counsellor & CBT therapist Dr. Joanne Cooper